Susanna Stursberg

Focus on general civil law, intellectual property and corporate law
Special interest in legal issues in and around the cultural and creative industries 
Speaks English, French and German

Susanna Stursberg advises clients in general civil law, copyright law and corporate law. As a lawyer, she has been working in the field of conflict between law and culture/creative industries since the beginning of her career.   

After initial professional experience in a law firm specialising in copyright law, she has most recently built up the legal department of a venture of Rocket Internet SE, where she acted as legal counsel for a start-up company in its establishment and existence. Through a stay of several months in China and working in a gallery in Beijing, as well as through her experience in the creative industry, she has gained a solid understanding of the entrepreneurial approach to legal issues.

Susanna Stursberg studied law at the Humboldt University of Berlin and the Sorbonne in Paris with a focus on business law/intellectual property. During her studies she worked at the Chair of Copyright Law with Prof. Dr. A. -A. Wandtke. Prior to that, she completed an apprenticeship as advertising merchant at Vaporisateur/Dorland. 

With Susanna Stursberg's advice, you will benefit not only from her legal expertise but also from her experience in the start-up economy.